Baruch HaBah: Welcome

Formal Photo for PublicityI am Rabbi Randall J. Konigsburg. I am the senior Rabbi at Beth Sholom B’nai Israel in Manchester, CT. I have served congregations in  Birmingham, Alabama, Hollywood, Florida; St. Paul, Minnesota and Delray Beach, Florida. I have been a Chaplain for Hospice of Palm Beach County, Volunteer Chaplain for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. I am a Certified Fundraising Executive and have training in Substance Abuse Counseling, and hospital chaplaincy. I am also certified to teach Jewish Meditation by the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. I am constantly searching for new ways to serve my congregation, the Jewish People and my community.

As an accomplished pastor I  spent my years in the pulpit, offering a kind and caring hand to all those in need. I have taken the time to  learn about the special concerns of Judaism today and how study, prayer, music, and social action contribute to attracting  Jews back to a spiritual life. I keep up to date on the latest information about managing non-profits and new communication technologies by attending university classes and online seminars.  I have worked hard in the area of community action because I believe in the power of faith to make our communities better.  I have worked constantly to upgrade my skills and capabilities to acquire the tools needed to lead Judaism in ways that are unique to the 21st century.  I am  passionate about engaging Jews of all ages; teaching them to understand how our faith and our commitment to acts of kindness can bring meaning into their busy lives.

As a Rabbi, I am first and foremost a teacher and pastor. The most important part of my duties are my responsibility to those who trust me with their education or trust me with their troubles. Paperwork will have to wait. I get a great joy when I am singing with preschool children, helping religious school children understand spiritual questions, guiding post Bar and Bat Mitzvah students about how to navigate the stormy days in their lives and when I teach adults to chant a service, read the Torah, give a d’var Torah or find meaning in an ancient text.

Revitalizing a synagogue requires not only  visionary leadership and a committed congregation, but it also requires finding the proper funding. My fundraising and development skills help insure that the financial health of the congregation is sound by inspiring donors with our vision and helping those with the means to invest in assisting others.

I invite you to use this website to get to know me better. I am the right kind of Rabbi for these challenging times. I have the experience and judgment to help a synagogue navigate the new realities of our world. I believe in a team approach to finding unique answers to the questions that we are all struggling with. In a crisis, I am always calm, patient and focused like a laser on finding the best solution, not just the easiest, no matter if it is for one person struggling with life or a community searching for meaning. I have never rested on what I know but I am always adding to my abilities and skills so I can take advantage of the latest information and the best technology in service to my congregation.

You are invited to explore this site to see how together we can make Judaism alive in our communities.