Temple Emeth

  • Served Temple Emeth from 2009 -2012 as Senior Rabbi of a mostly senior (retired) community.
  • Helped congregation in its transition to fully egalitarian congregation through mentoring older women and encouraging younger women to express their Judaism more openly.
  • Updated synagogue web site and created social net work site designed to increase interest of a younger demographic in the congregation.
  • Secured the funding to update Siddurim used on Shabbat and on weekdays from older “Silverman” siddur  to new Sim Shalom.
  • Led the Adult Education committee in redesigning and expanding the adult studies program to include lectures and classroom instruction four days a week.
  • Taught adults ongoing text classes in Bible, Musar, Rabbinic Literature using hevruta study and modern discussion oriented seminars.
  • Pioneered in the congregation new ways to teach/preach on Shabbat Morning using discussion, music and drama.
  • Working with president on Strategic Plan to expand programming and membership.