Revitalizing Synagogues

Synagogues Restored

An Examination of Why My Shul Is Broken and How I Can Be Repaired

by Rabbi Randall J. Konigsburg

There are many today who say that Synagogues are dying. That they have an aging population and decreasing income. Some blame the economy and some blame a Jewish Community that no longer values membership in the Synagogue.

I humbly disagree

I believe that Synagogues have much to say about modern Judaism and about the world in which we live.
I believe that Synagogues can reach out not only to young Jews but to Jews of all ages
I believe that Synagogues can raise the funds needed to meet their programming and budgetary goals

I also believe that to do all this, Synagogues can’t do business “the way  we have always done it.” We need to see the modern Jewish community with new eyes and with new ideas.

I have spelled out understanding of what is wrong with synagogues today and my vision of what the future could be. Revitalizing Synagogues is my answer to these  questions:

  • Why can’t we attract young families?
  • Why are Shabbat Services so long?
  • Why is our congregation aging?
  • Where are all the young people?
  • Why don’t Jews join synagogues?
  • Why do synagogue dues have to be so high?
  • Why are Shabbat Services so boring?

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