Temple of Aaron

Senior Rabbi
Temple of Aaron, St. Paul, MN

Joined this ninety-eight year old congregation as senior staff to head up clergy team of the congregation.

•Worked with Cantor and Associate Rabbi to update Rosh Hashana 2nd day creative musaf service using contemporary readings and music.

•Enhanced work of social justice committee through involvement with Habitat for Humanity and Ronald McDonald House. Traveled with delegation to Postville, Iowa in support of workers caught in immigration scandal at kosher meat processing plant there.

•Recommended the engagement of the Alben Institute and worked with  a Temple of Aaron committee to craft the strategic plan for the congregation.

•Met every child in the Religious School before classes each day at the door of the synagogue to welcome them to school and share their ideas and concerns about their Jewish education.

•Facilitated meetings between United Synagogue representatives and Temple of Aaron board for first time in over 20 years.

•Led congregation’s first delegation to United Synagogue Annual Convention in over 20 years, guiding the congregation to submit winning Solomon Schechter Award for special programming.

•Encouraged establishment of Hazak chapter.

•Led first delegation of congregation to AIPAC policy conference and subsequent lobbyng effort on Capitol Hill in Washington DC.

•Developed social and religious programs designed to meet the identified needs of young adults looking to identify with the congregation.  

•Established sale of hametz to city’s mayor.